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Monitoring Solutions

Dascom Monitoring Solutions provide unprecedented visibility into the performance, issue management and utilization of the telecom equipment solutions we provide.

Dascom’s monitoring offerings enable the Dascom NOC to monitor, alert, take action and resolve customer issues. Dascom is a full service video solutions integrator providing design/engineering, installation, training, project management, service, upgrades and ongoing system monitoring. Our monitoring solutions do the following – enabling customers to take action and resolve issues. 


• Dascom monitoring solutions collect performance and utilization data
from the technology installed at a client’s site.
• 24/7/365 system monitoring is provided without the customer
dedicating in-house resources.

• Real-time alerts enable Dascom to respond when issues occur –
often before a client realizes there is a problem.
• Dascom monitoring solution timely diagnostics include automated alerts and notifications of equipment failure, outages and alarms for
speedy repair/replacement of failed components.

• Dascom monitoring solutions can transform data collected into powerful knowledge for troubleshooting and repair of systems remotely, or the deployment of a field technician if needed.
• Technical reports gathered and archived provide performance
insight for future system troubleshooting of the components and

• Dascom Service Personnel work closely with client technical manager to provide thorough technical report on resolution.
• Analytics and reporting provides clients the information needed to benchmark equipment performance, improve workforce productivity
and ensure increased system uptime.
• By enabling management to determine the value that specific technologies bring to their business and end customers, these become powerful tools in justifying investments in services which maximize customer experience and uptime while reducing dedicated resources in-house.

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“It gives us great comfort that we have a support contract with Dascom where they monitor and manage equipment. We are confident Dascom is part of our team and success.” – General Manager, Integra Telecom


Dascom was easy to work with, and got us up and running very quickly. They are a great partner.

Kurt Gruendling, VP Business Development, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom

Control over the programming we offer our subscribers is extremely important to us and that required us to deploy a full headend with Dascom.

Royster Tucker III, President, North State Communications

We are delivering a television product that is superior to cable TV- presenting a new alternative that consumers have wanted a long time.

Royster Tucker III, President & COO, North State Communications

Dascom was so easy to work with and we appreciate their help in rolling out this new service.

Ruth Brenne, Office Manager, Baldwin Telecom

I can’t say enough good things about Dascom. They are obvious professionals and know this business.

Michael Haney, Network Operations Supervisor, Brantley Telephone

The Dascom team cares about our success. We know we found a partner, not a vendor… Video solutions start with Dascom.

John Painter, Manager of Video Services, Hancock Telecom

We had been trying to launch video for a while. We needed someone with the technical knowledge to get our headend installation done right and video launched. That was Dascom.

Robby Thomas, IPTV & Marketing Director, Brantley Telephone

After talking with 10 telcos, we realized Dascom was the common theme for successfully deploying a video product.

Dave Kunde, GM, Integra Telecom

I have become familiar with the talent the Dascom team brings to the table from layer one on up. You make a great team and I am very impressed.

Chuck Durant, Darien Telephone