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Nahunta, Georgia

After 2 ½ years of trying to emerge in the video business, Brantley Telephone chose Dascom to get their video services launched with paying customers in 7 months

“I can’t say enough good things about Dascom.  They are obvious professionals and know this business. They took a complicated system and made it simple and made it work. They taught our telephone company to be a cable provider and we are successfully doing just that.” – Michael Haney, Network Operations Supervisor

Brantley Telephone could give a clinic on overcoming hurdles in IPTV.   What happened to Brantley over the course of almost 3 years trying to get into the video business was a series of industry changes and challenges, and a good run of bad luck. With the biggest influencers including SES Americom dropping out of the telecom business and Cisco ending life on ISDP middleware, Brantley did not give up on their video goals.  The shift toward Internet TV and the importance of local content were not going away.

“We had been trying to launch video for a while. We needed someone with the technical knowledge to get our headend installation done right and the skills to teach us to be a cable provider,” said Robby Thomas, IPTV and Marketing Director.  “We decided to bring Dascom in because they know video.”

After nearly three years, Brantley switched their course and chose Dascom Systems Group to evaluate the possibility of launching video.  “Dascom came right out and surveyed the setup. They showed us things we could do differently, and quickly demonstrated that they understood telephone companies and what we were trying to do,” said Michael Haney, Network Operations Supervisor. “I knew immediately that we were dealing with professionals. Dascom communicated on common ground in terms that made sense and went to work diagnosing and solving problems. We quickly realized Dascom was our partner, and not just a vendor.”

In the months that followed, Dascom took the data gathered from the site survey and consultation, and made recommendations, changes and corrections ranging from a full engineering re-design, integration with the network, and network monitoring services to continuously monitor and assure the long-term health of the system. Dascom also took into effect the new middleware selected by Brantley, and ensured the system elements worked together seamlessly.

“Dascom gave us a clean bill of health and all the tools we need to move forward successfully with our video service. They have an overall understanding of the network– not just the video component. They really have a handle on how we operate and were able to communicate complicated concepts very simply,” Haney said. “They corrected the installation and operation, and we were impressed with the Network Monitoring Service (NMS) that tracks down system problems and provides reports, data and quick repair.”

Just 7 months after Dascom came on-site, Brantley Telephone conducted their commercial launch of video services and promptly began installing services successfully and retaining paying customers. After more than three years on a journey to IPTV launch, Brantley sings praises of the working system. “The picture quality is excellent and we’re differentiating ourselves with local content in both SD and HD. We have local varsity sports and community events that other providers won’t have, and we are not experiencing the rain fade that happens with our primary satellite competitors,” Thomas said.

Brantley successfully launched video to end their streak of bad luck in video deployment. They have been adding paying subscribers ever since. Since then, they’ve added a promotional campaign to coincide with the high school football season and the buzz local sports generates in the community.



Dascom was so easy to work with and we appreciate their help in rolling out this new service.

Ruth Brenne, Office Manager, Baldwin Telecom

After talking with 10 telcos, we realized Dascom was the common theme for successfully deploying a video product.

Dave Kunde, GM, Integra Telecom

The Dascom team cares about our success. We know we found a partner, not a vendor… Video solutions start with Dascom.

John Painter, Manager of Video Services, Hancock Telecom

We are delivering a television product that is superior to cable TV- presenting a new alternative that consumers have wanted a long time.

Royster Tucker III, President & COO, North State Communications

I can’t say enough good things about Dascom. They are obvious professionals and know this business.

Michael Haney, Network Operations Supervisor, Brantley Telephone

Control over the programming we offer our subscribers is extremely important to us and that required us to deploy a full headend with Dascom.

Royster Tucker III, President, North State Communications

I have become familiar with the talent the Dascom team brings to the table from layer one on up. You make a great team and I am very impressed.

Chuck Durant, Darien Telephone

We had been trying to launch video for a while. We needed someone with the technical knowledge to get our headend installation done right and video launched. That was Dascom.

Robby Thomas, IPTV & Marketing Director, Brantley Telephone

Dascom was easy to work with, and got us up and running very quickly. They are a great partner.

Kurt Gruendling, VP Business Development, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom