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Indiana Video Network

“We knew we couldn’t just be a phone company any longer” says John Painter, Manager of Video Services, at Hancock Telecom in Indiana.  While making the decision to enter the video market was easy, actually entering the video market was very complex.  “We started from ground zero.  We knew we needed a trusted partner.” Hancock Telecom looked to Dascom Systems Group as its video integrator to integrate IPTV services, enabling them to offer customers a triple play bundle of voice, data and video.

Hancock Telecom was not the only telco in Indiana looking to offer video. Dascom helped Hancock Telecom enter a video business that led to the Indiana Video Network, a statewide consortium. The eight rural telcos in the consortium realized that as a group they could gain economies of scale and operational efficiencies with a shared headend to capture content.

“It seemed like everyone we talked with and visited with had Dascom on their team. We met the Dascom staff and they were down-to-earth and advised us on what to do. They walked us through every step and never discounted a single question.” – John Painter, Hancock Telecom

Today Hancock Telecom offers its 9,000 customers voice, data and video services. The quality of its video services rivals its competitors but its customers choose Hancock Telecom because it provides second-to-none customer service, which is appreciated and expected by its membership.  The numbers don’t lie – for six years running, Hancock Telecom has been adding over 60 video customers a month.

In today’s age, the “phone company” is a relic. Customers demand video and data services that meet their growing information, communication and entertainment needs. Transitioning from a plain-old-telephone-company to a full-service communications provider begins with choosing the right video solution and integrator. Hancock Telecom’s John Painter knows he made the right choice for his rural telco.

“The Dascom team cares about our success. We know we found a partner, not a vendor… Video solutions start with Dascom.” – John Painter, Manager of Video Services, Hancock Telecom