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Monitoring as a Service

Dascom Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) provides unprecedented visibility into the performance, issue management and utilization of the telecom equipment solutions we provide.

The Dascom MaaS offering enables the Dascom NOC to monitor, alert, take action and resolve customer issues in real-time. Click here for full datasheet on offering.


• Dascom MaaS collects performance and utilization data
from the technology installed at a client’s site.
• 24/7/365 system monitoring is provided without the customer
dedicating in-house resources.

• Real-time alerts enable Dascom to respond when issues occur –
often before a client realizes there is a problem.
• Dascom MaaS timely diagnostics include automated alerts and
notifi cations of equipment failure, outages and alarms for
speedy repair/replacement of failed components.

• Dascom MaaS transforms data collected into powerful knowledge
for troubleshooting and repair of systems remotely, or the deployment
of a fi eld technician if needed.
• Technical reports gathered and archived provide performance
insight for future system troubleshooting of the components and

• Dascom Service Personnel work closely with client technical
manager to provide thorough technical report on resolution.
• Analytics and reporting provides clients the information needed
to benchmark equipment performance, improve workforce productivity
and ensure increased system uptime.
• By enabling management to determine the value that specific
technologies bring to their business and end customers, these
become powerful tools in justifying investments in services which
maximize customer experience and uptime while reducing
dedicated resources in-house.

“It gives us great comfort that we have a support contract with Dascom where they monitor and manage equipment. We are confident Dascom is part of our team and success.”

– Mary Korthour, General Manager, Integra Telecom