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Healthcare Smartrooms

The Dascom healthcare offering is focused on improving patient experience while aiding in medical facility staff responsiveness.  It enables medical facilities to leverage technology efficiently to meet a variety of patient, guest and staff needs.

Features include:

  • On Demand Pay TV or Educational Videos
  • IP Video directly to patient room with mobile application integration like Netflix, Hulu etc.
  • Catch up TV
  • Centralized management system – ability to manage multiple facilities
  • Facility Digital Signage Integration
  • Link request notifications (Nursing requests, Cafeteria orders, Personalized questionnaires, Patient Training and more)
  • Housekeeping management – Mobile task management for efficient room maintenance
  • Evacuation notification alarming
  • Personalized Patient landing page /user interface on a room by room basis
  • Screen casting enablement – for patients to enjoy their own movies
  • Ability to remove “In-Room” Whiteboards

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