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High Point, North Carolina

Project Snapshot
North State Communications selected Dascom Systems Group to design and build their IPTV headend. The new headend has enabled the company’s launch of IP television services under its new Plex brand, which also includes residential and consumer broadband Internet, and wireless and home phone products.

“Control over the programming we offer our subscribers is extremely important to us and that required us to deploy a full headend,” said Royster Tucker III, President & COO, North State Communications.

“With our advanced fiber network literally going into neighborhoods and directly to homes in the area, we are delivering a television product that is superior to cable TV- presenting a new alternative that consumers have wanted for a long time.”

Digital Television Product
Utilizing the headend integrated by Dascom, the new digital television product from North State Communications called Plex Advanced TV leverages the power of Internet protocol technology to deliver video content in digital format with high-definition capabilities and all-digital channels. The company can now offer customers the new IPTV service that includes more than 80 HD channels, digital music, a video-on-demand library and digital video recording capability. North State anticipates offering the new product to several thousand homes by summer’s end, with expansion continuing through the fall and in years to come.

A Valued Partnership
“Dascom has a long history of engineering, furnishing and installing full headends, and a strong partnership with North State,” said Scott Apfelbacher, Vice President,┬áDascom Systems Group. “We were pleased to be selected to bring the latest technology to North State’s new headend and look forward to many more years of partnership.”