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We’ve Joined AVI Systems

In November of 2017, Dascom Systems Group became part of AVI Systems. “This is great news for our customers,” says Dascom CEO Dan Takkunen. “AVI’s investment in our IPTV expertise will both expand and strengthen Dascom’s capabilities across the board, from integration to service and maintenance. We’re excited to combine AVI’s AV, UC and Digital Media expertise and resources with our IPTV knowledge and experience. More than anything else, the acquisition is a tremendous vote of confidence in our market offerings, and powerful evidence of Dascom’s long-term commitment to our customers.”



Why did AVI Systems acquire Dascom?
Dascom is the leading integrator of IPTV to telecommunications, with expertise that will enable AVI to provide an even greater range of communications technology solutions to customers across industries. Oftentimes acquisitions are used to extend a company’s reach geographically. For AVI and Dascom, it’s not about adding offices; it’s about adding and deepening each company’s capabilities to better serve our customers – existing and prospective ones alike – in a changing, ever-more demanding marketplace.
Why was Dascom interested in joining AVI Systems?
“Our companies had known each other for years,” says Dan Takkunen. “Each had a reputation for customer service and integrity, and a vision for long-term success. In addition to being a great fit culturally, the acquisition enables Dascom to apply our expertise in areas ripe for growth, like digital signage and media, plus audiovisual and unified collaboration.”
How will the acquisition affect Dascom customers?
Dascom customers can expect total continuity of service in the short term, and an even better experience longer term as we grow our service teams and enhance after-hours support.
What does “Powered By AVI Systems” mean?
AVI Systems’ acquisition of Dascom represents an investment in the future. It’s “fuel in the tank” for Dascom’s continued growth. For example, customers who have relied on Dascom only for our IPTV expertise will have access to AVI’s industry-leading AV, UC and digital media capabilities, while AVI customers will be able to fully embrace the promise of IPTV integration. Fundamentally, “Powered By AVI” is about giving our customers the power to take complete advantage of the breadth of today’s communication technologies.

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