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Dascom has joined AVI
Dascom - powered by AVI
After talking with about ten telcos we realized Dascom was the common theme for companies that had successfully deployed a video product.

- Mary Korthour, General Manager, Integra Telecom
We feel confident that Dascom is part of the team. Not just to plan and launch, but for the long-haul of implementation and success.

- Mary Korthour, General Manager, Integra Telecom
Control over the programming we offer our subscribers is extremely important to us and that required us to deploy a full headend with Dascom.

- Royster Tucker III, President & COO, North State Communications
It gives us great comfort that we have a support contract with Dascom where they monitor and manage equipment. We are confident Dascom is part of our team and success.

- Mary Korthour, General Manager, Integra Telecom
We are delivering a television product that is superior to cable TV- presenting a new alternative that consumers have wanted for a long time.

- Royster Tucker III, President & COO, North State Communications


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Dascom Systems Group is a full-service integrator of IPTV services. Our company is dedicated to providing integrated solutions through an experienced and knowledgeable staff.

We enable telecommunications companies of all sizes to deploy IP television as a subscriber-based service in addition to voice and data for a triple play offering. To date since 1998, Dascom is the leading integrator of legacy and next-generation IPTV systems in the telecommunications industry with more than 200 service providers, electric cooperatives and municipalities as customers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Residing at the intersection of IP networking, video, applications and integration, Dascom holds the core competency of IPTV.

Our Customers

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and service, and have a portfolio of happy, satisfied customers. We stand by our projects from start to finish with project management, engineering and design, installation, technical service and upgrades.

Our customers are our partners.